Book Review : Nature of Success. 

Success is a journey not a destination. Right now, I'm so frustrated. I'm back in school and the network hasn't been friendly. This post should have been up since Friday but due to the bad network I'm posting today. I just hope it's gets better.  At the beginning of the year, I decided to read... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Blog Award

​Hey dear, How have you been. I trust your week has been productive. Keep working hard. The result will be great.  I was nominated by pribodunke and watersidegirl for the mystery blog award. This will be my first blog nomination, so I have pribodunke and watersidegirl to thank for it and also okoto enigma for creating it. This post should have been up... Continue Reading →


It’s seems like yesterday that I said happy New Year to everyone, January is moving pretty fast. I just hope January has been a good month for you.  I said in my last post, that I’ve been doing a lot of ransacking from my parent’s wardrobe. This time around I found this jacket from my... Continue Reading →


"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."- Rachel Zoe Hello to you to!!! This past week, I've been doing a  lot of ransacking and robbing. I've been going through my parents closet very frequently and I must say I've found lots of articles and I've been getting different ideas. So, during... Continue Reading →


Hello!! How has the first week of 2017 been for you? Mine has been insightful. This past week  has  given me a glimpse on how my 2017 journey will be for me. The surprising thing is, its just a WEEK! Thank God for God who promises to be with me every step of the way.... Continue Reading →

Yuletide :The Blogger Point

Hey there, how was your day . I know you missed me (lol)  but hey, I'm here now. So this post is how the weekend was like for me. I  know the post should have been  up since monday but somethings happened thats why (please please and please dont ask me why). Since we've passed... Continue Reading →

 Rollercoaster Ride 

2016, started like a roller coaster ride  for me with so many ups and downs. The ride is about to come to an end very  soon. Of late, I've been reflecting on my life so far in 2016 and I realized that it  has been a year of tears, struggles,adventures,  lessons, mistakes and appreciation. This... Continue Reading →

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